Venice Biennale 2021 ‘How Will We Live Together’



Grand Challenge: Sustainable Built Environment

Research Team 

Principal Investigators:
Michael Budig
Oliver Heckmann

Research Assistants:
Ray CHERN Xi Cheng, Markus Matthias HUDERT, Amanda NG Qi Boon, LOO Jun Wen, Clement LORK, Zack XUEREB CONTI

Lynette Cheah, ESD/SUTD 
Colin Yip, Arup Singapore

Richard De Neufville

Venice Biennale 2021  ‘How Will We Live Together’

The design for a ‘Future Hybrid High-rise Commune’ is currently exhibited at the Singapore Pavilion with the theme ‘To Gather’ at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 ‘How will we live together’

Oliver HECKMANN_RESEARCH_Future Hybrid High-rise Commune_Venice Biennale 2020_01

“A 1:66 model will illustrate the productive tension between an open-ended, generic architecture and its appropriation by a hybrid, dynamic urban community. It will be filled with multiple programs, forms of cohabitation and expressions of a new kind of urban coexistence. The model will also display a hybrid materiality, hinting at the potential of the design to apply regional timber resources for innovative, sustainable construction….”

Oliver HECKMANN_RESEARCH_Future Hybrid High-rise Commune_Venice Biennale_Model 1to66

“…Visitors of the exhibition will be able to interact with the building’s inherent user-responsiveness in two distinct ways: They can occupy and assemble units through an AR and a web interface and – expressing individual preferences for location, forms of cohabitation and joint spaces in an interactive game component. An algorithm that we have developed as part of the research will moderate and allocate the diverse user-wishes to real time neighbourhoods. We envision a social media interface for tenants to actively engage as neighbours in a high-rise commune. This feature shall be used by visitors at the Biennale to debate their concepts and ideas for future urban habitation.”