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Oliver Heckmann,
Course Lead

Studio instructors, since 2014: Pauline ANG, Eva CASTRO, Ermanno CIRILLO, Calvin CHUA, Keith GOH, Oliver HECKMANN, KEE Wei Hui, Trevor PATT  (Co-lead 2017), Dongmin SHIN, Thomas SCHROEPFER, Jackson TAN, Yvonne Tan, TEO Yee Chin, Kenneth TRACY

Teaching Assistants, since 2014: CHONG Zhuo Wen Alexandria, Dessen HILLMAN, LAU Jia Hao, Audrey Chin Mian YEE


The student works shown cover various studio sections

2020 DigitalFUTURES WORLD : ARCHITECTS UNITE Workshop 2020
 “Decarbonisation at the Bund”

2020 DigitalFUTURES WORLD : ARCHITECTS UNITE Workshop 2020 “Decarbonisation at the Bund” 

 Advisors: Michael Budig / Oliver Heckmann, with Ng Qi Boon Amanda, Lork Jun Hao Clement, Loo Jun Wen, Ray Cheng Chern Xi 

 The ‘Next Generic High-rise’ research team was invited to run a 1-week workshop at the 10th edition of DigitalFUTURES series hosted in 2020 by Tongji University. The workshop introduced concepts for the decarbonisation of urban environments and computational tools that the team developed to design a low carbon and regenerative residential high-rise. Working on an urban block in Shanghai, participants learned to identify points of intervention for decreasing the embodied carbon, and to formulate concepts for flexible buildings that have the ability to adapt to future demands. 

Members of the research team introduced the various strategies and tools developed in the research. Early Global Warming Potential evaluation tools were used to forecast the embodied carbon in the designs and compare them with an existing building on the site. The apartment unit distribution algorithm has been applied to visualise different occupation patterns and to assess the impact of demographic changes over time. 

 Chen Xinxing