‘Urban Living’
Core Studio 3

TU Berlin -Teaching


Oliver Heckmann,
Course Lead

Studio instructors, since 2014: Pauline ANG, Eva CASTRO, Ermanno CIRILLO, Calvin CHUA, Keith GOH, Oliver HECKMANN, KEE Wei Hui, Trevor PATT  (Co-lead 2017), Dongmin SHIN, Thomas SCHROEPFER, Jackson TAN, Yvonne Tan, TEO Yee Chin, Kenneth TRACY

Teaching Assistants, since 2014: CHONG Zhuo Wen Alexandria, Dessen HILLMAN, LAU Jia Hao, Audrey Chin Mian YEE


The student works shown cover various studio sections

Core Studio 3 Urban Living – Undergraduate Design Studio 

Core Studio 3 expanded design complexity further to investigating the essential physical and social requirements for human dwelling, and the mutual potentials evolving between the urban domain and innovative forms of habitation.

Density, diversity and connectivity were proposed as generative themes: to understand their complex interdependencies and to draw connections between them as conceptual drivers. Diagramming has been consistently applied as procedural tool of enquiring how the relation to the territory and the spatial and organizational forms of the design intersect with and interdepend on each other.

Analysing the urban context with data-rich drawings explored potential connections to the urban territory: imagining how the city could charge the project and the project the city.

Working on the entire building complex investigated how well-calibrated spatial hierarchies could integrate and mediate the domains of the individual and the community within and beyond the design. Massing strategy, load-bearing, circulation and program agglomeration have been taken as integrative systems with a generative potential, evolving simultaneously with the concepts for habitation and community.

Zooming-in into the residential unit investigated how abstract concepts translate into the very nucleus of urban dwelling: the individual domain, and the quality of the spatial, sensual and social experiences of its tenants.

Two workshops, at urban and unit scale, have been conducted with the Architecture Energy Systems course, exploring how evidence-based design decisions based on simulating climatic performance impact the very aesthetics of the design. Architecture Core Studio 3 is the last of three design studios all architecture students participate in their Undergraduate years.

Program: Urban Habitation  ~30.000 sqm: ~70% Residential /  ~15% Communal / ~15% Commercial