Project compilation



‘Floor Plan Manual Housing’ 

Fifth, revised and expanded edition, Birkhäuser Publishers, Basel, October 2017 

(368 pages, 1580 Figures, available as English or German version, as soft- or hardcover or as E-book) 

Editors and authors: 

Oliver Heckmann
(editor-in-charge) Friederike Schneider,
with collaborator Eric Zapel for 5th edition 


Project compilation, case studies

An ongoing  case study research is conducted across multiple sources to identify relevant built precedents to be included in the project compilation. The focus is predominantly on the floor plan layout – if there is an outstanding exemplary idea, if they illustrate universally applicable, transferable solutions, and if they find explicit responses to the contemporary debates and challenges. A broad international scope is considered important – in order to better reflect the heterogeneous, worldwide developments in housing. Finding a representative balance between the periods since 1948 and equal coverage of the various classifications covered by the books is also relevant – by urban context, morphological building type, circulation system type and floor plan layout type.

Project search matrix by architect, floor plan layout type and circulation system type

 A compilation of floor plan diagrams on all projects serves as a visual index

‘Am Lokdepot’ (page 100, Block Edge chapter)
Location: Berlin, Germany, 2013

‘Next 21’ (page 156, Solitaire chapter)
Architect: Yositika Utida, Shu-koh-sha, Architectural and Urban Design Studio, Tokyo (building design, supervision)
Location: Shimizudanicho, Osaka, Japan, 1993

‘Boutique Monaco’ (page 250, Apartment Tower chapter)
Architect: Mass Studies
Location: Seoul, South Korea, 2008

‘Jian Wai SOHO’ (page 246, Apartment Tower chapter)
Architect: Riken Yamamoto & Field Shop
Location: Beijing, China, 2005

‘Kent Vale’ (page 254, Apartment Tower chapter)
Architect: MKPL Architects
Location: Clementi, Singapore, 2014