PRACTICE Urban Design Scale


An urban quarter was to be proposed with highly differentiated housing typologies for a changing urban society.  The focus is maintaining the park‘s landscape character as an essential quality for new urban housing. Ensembles of 3 volumes grouped around an open semi-private courtyard are proposed which are loosely woven into the fabric of the park. Even in the future the park will thus be read as an intact entity, without being segregated into isolated building constellations.  

Urban Design Competition, Client  Freie Hansestadt Hamburg.  

With Christian Stiller and Fink Jocher Architects


The urban space transforms from the hilly slopes across the urban blocks towards the river-scape, determining a tension between topography and urban fabric. Orienting the university buildings towards the city does not culminate at one point, but rather initiates a sequence of spaces with buildings demarcating distinctive urban addresses. The urban park reads at the same time as urban edge as well as open campus with the character of a passage.      

Urban Planning Competition, 2nd phase 

HAHOH Architects, with b+m+s landscape architects